100% Hand-Crafted in portland

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— Our Mission.

Based in Portland, OR. every product from Minnie + George is a custom creation, hand-crafted with the consumer in mind.

Leather is a timeless staple; it outlasts any current trend. Keeping a minimalistic but classic aesthetic, we aim to connect our customers to the true beauty of simplicity and create our products to be both functional and fashionable for a lifetime of loving use and wear. 

The vast majority of the leather we use is sourced locally, through Oregon Leather Co.  We take pride in only using American leather as to ensure a more ethical form of production. 

We're also proud to employ the traditional craft of hand-stitched leather-working. Hand-stitching is the strongest way to construct a bag. All the stitching is completely hand-cut and hand-stitched using 5 cord waxed linen thread. It is double needle saddle stitched, with an overhand knot in each stitch, so even if one side is severed the seam will not come undone. The stitching is also set deep in a cut channel so it cannot be abraded by wear.

More than anything, we hope that every Minnie + George piece you own truly evokes the spirit of love and hard work in which it was made.



About Designer, L.A. Caldwell
L.A. Caldwell was born in Pasadena, CA in 1974. She has always been a creative spirit, spending hours drawing on her bedroom floor as a child. She’s also been a Jane of all trades--from private shopper for some of Washington D.C.’s political and business elite in the 90’s, to floral designer, to English teacher in multiple Spanish speaking countries. She’s now focusing her creativity, love of adventure, and retail fashion experience in creating Minnie + George.

My goal is to demonstrate the value of hard work, an appreciation for quality, and an eye for clean and classic style in my leather work. All are qualities that I learned from my parents. To me, they both characterize the beauty of simple yet timeless good taste that inspires what I create
— L.A. Caldwell, Owner & Designer

Who are Minnie and George?
 Minnie + George is named after the parents of designer L.A. Caldwell. They met in Pasadena, California in 1965. Minnie, working as a waitress, George, a frequent customer. According to Minnie it wasn’t exactly love at first site; She wasn’t too crazy about the guy in her section who kept calling her “doll baby.” But, when she and her roommate decided to throw a party at their very empty apartment, George offered to loan her his furniture out of his small apartment. It was this act of kindness that led to talks, shared meals, and to a walk home one evening that ended in a marriage proposal. Now, 50 years later, Minnie and George are still sharing talks and meals and walks with each other. They have been the inspiration and set the example for everything that Minnie + George, the business, stands for. Their steadfast commitment to each other, their family, friends and community is the same kind of commitment that we try to emulate each day.