Woven Magazine, Issue 03: The Maker's Impression

We are so excited and honored to be featured in Issue 03 of Woven titled: The Maker's Impression. It's a beautifully crafted, curated and photographed issue created by an amazingly talented team. The company we share in this issue is truly humbling. Makers and artists that we have loved and admired for years, such as Ace & Jig and Cobra Rock Boot Company.

Founders Jeremy + Christi, write that they created Woven to::

"... capture the stories of makers, artists, and thinkers. It is founded upon the idea that what we often lack in ourselves, we find in others, and through their own sharing of their lives. May these stories serve to inspire and articulate the unspoken desires of your hearts. "

Learn more about Woven and order your own copy of Issue 03 here.